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Apartments in Colorado Increase Rent

by Daniel E. Fava
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apts colorado: fruitAs a follow up to my article on apartments in Colorado I found this and wanted to link to it.

Since apartments in Colorado have the lowest vacancy rates in a decade landlords are raising the rent. At least one complex is charging an additional $200 per month for a one bedroom apartment and they will no longer allow residents to use the garage.

“I tried to get them down to something like a reasonable amount and not a $200 increase,” Dwayne Gladhill said, “but they wouldn’t budge.  So, I’m moving out.”

New apartments being constructed in the area may help to vbring prices back down according to the folks at https://www.koaa.com/news/200-apartment-lease-rate-hikes-it-s-about-supply-and-demand-/.

How about you? Any luck finding apartments in Colorado? Comment below.

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