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The Pros And Cons Of Living In Colorado

by Josephine Hogan

Are you considering moving to Colorado? Maybe you’re drawn to the gorgeous mountain views and all the sunny days coming your way? Or possibly the great job market? Well, no matter your reasons, we’re here to give you some guidance on your perfect move to this wonderful state. Colorado is packed full of many attractions and even more opportunities. With its strong economy, you might miss some of the not-so-great aspects at first glance. We’ll be exploring some of the reasons you might want to stay or possibly stay away. With our list of pros and cons, we can help you decide if the Centennial State is the right place for you. Though we’re really hoping the pros will outweigh the cons of your decision.


1) A Strong Economy

Thanks to the many entrepreneurial residents and the innovative industries throughout the state, Colorado has one of the strongest economies in the country. While the ranching, farming, and mining industries are integral to the state’s communities and economic prosperity, they aren’t the only things contributing to the impressive growth within the last couple of years. You can find software development, tourism, aerospace, and advanced technology manufacturing adding to the great economy. No matter where you choose to live, there’s something helping to contribute to Colorado having one of the best economies in the United States.

2) The Outdoor Activities

When thinking of Colorado, we usually instantly think of skiing and all the amazing winter activities spread throughout the state. Some of the most popular skiing and snowboarding destinations can be found here. But that is hardly the only option for outdoor adventures. If you want to go hiking, camping, or fly fishing, you can find all of it in this beautiful state. And if you aren’t up for spending a weekend camping, you’ve got plenty of outdoor concerts and festivals held throughout the summer months.

3) All the Great Cities

Don’t get caught up in the thought that Denver is the only city worth your attention when you’re looking for a great place to call home. Colorado has so many wonderful cities and towns for you to choose from. Whether you’re looking for the wonders like Durango in the southwest known for their historic narrow-gauge railroad or you’re interested in Fort Collins in the north, known as Colorado’s Craft Beer Capital. Wherever you choose, you will find your new home has its own attractions.

4) The Sports

If you’re interested in sports, then this is the state for you. Whether you’re looking for professional football or professional lacrosse, you can find it here. All four American favorite sports can be found here. We’ve got the Denver Broncos football team and the Colorado Rockies baseball team. Then there’s also the Denver Nuggets basketball team as well as the Colorado Avalanche hockey team.

And that’s not even all of the professional teams around here. There’s the Colorado Rapids a professional soccer team. And the professional lacrosse teams, Colorado Mammoth and Denver Outlaws. But don’t worry rugby fans, here in Colorado, you can catch a game or two of the Denver Barbarians.


1) The Altitude

Sitting in the middle of the Rockies sits Colorado at a pretty high elevation. The city of Denver gets its nickname of the mile-high city for the very reason of being 5,280 feet above sea level. When you move to Colorado, you’ll find there’s less oxygen and the sun is stronger. You’ll need to give yourself some time to acclimate to the thinner air and it can take several weeks before you feel like your body is normal again. You’ll also need to be prepared for your hair and skin getting dry super quickly. Make sure to drink lots of water, do moderate physical activities, and wear plenty of sunscreen all year round.

2) The Expensive Housing Market

While there are plenty of jobs to choose from throughout the state of Colorado, the price of homes doesn’t match the wages given. The rate that home costs are rising exceeds the rate of inflation which makes it difficult for the average family to get into a home. According to Zillow, you’ll find the average cost of a home in Colorado to be $442,766. If you aren’t able to get one of the high-wage positions available, you might end up with a long commute for a place to live within a budget.

3) The Spicy Food

When moving to Colorado, be prepared for some spicy foods. Here they love their chilis, so much so that they have festivals in parts of the state for them. If you aren’t a huge fan of spicy food, it’s best to be wary when heading this way. They put these chilis in a lot of their foods which can make the dishes fairly hot.

4) The Bad Traffic

If you’re looking for somewhere that has great traffic or even a great public transportation system set up, then this might not be the state for you. With the recent influx of new residents and road infrastructures not set up for the massive growth, it has led to some terrible traffic throughout the state. And not just in the cities. With people heading to the mountains during the weekends, the short excursion can turn into hours stuck in traffic. Denver does have a light rail and bus system, though they aren’t extensive and can be fairly expensive. And, unfortunately, aren’t set up particularly well.

The list of pros and cons to choosing Colorado as your next place to live is a long one. Though we definitely feel the pros really outweigh the cons of living in this beautiful state. Let us know in the comments what your favorite things about living in Colorado are.

If you’re convinced Colorado is the best place for you, or if you’re looking for a new place to live, find your next dream apartment here. And as you search for the best apartment to fill your needs, be sure to check out our post on rent comparison throughout the state.

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