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Luxury Apartments in Colorado

by Josephine Hogan

When you’re looking for a new apartment, it can be overwhelming with a wide variety of options there are available to you. Even if you know which neighborhood you want to live in or which luxury amenities you can’t live without. There is still a lot of research that has to go into finding that perfect place for you to call home.

If you know you’re searching for a higher quality community that boasts all of the best amenities you can’t find anywhere else. Then consider taking a look at luxury apartments. But then, what are luxury apartments? And how do you find one? Well, we’ve got the rundown on what you should expect when searching for a luxury apartment.

What is a luxury apartment?

The term luxury gets thrown around a lot these days and it can get a bit hard to understand exactly what it means. Simply put, a luxury apartment provides you with a better than average level of comfort, quality, and convenience. But with higher rent comes many, much-desired perks.

According to Quartz, in 2016 three out of every four newly built apartments in the United States were designed toward high-end buyers. The luxury apartment boom has been centered in the fastest-growing cities around America. The top five being Houston, Dallas, Washington DC, Seattle, and Denver. These apartments have been primarily targeted at those who choose to rent, despite being able to afford to buy.

But what makes it a luxury apartment? Here are a few things you should look for when searching for your next luxury apartment.


One of the biggest exponents of being a luxury apartment is the high-quality feel of the space. You’ll find that these apartments are commonly newer builds and will be frequently renovated. To add to this high-quality feel, there will commonly be spacious floorplans and even some with balconies. Large windows and high ceilings will also be found in many luxury apartments.

With regular apartments, you can expect to find laminate countertops, carpet, and in the kitchen standard white appliances. But in a luxury apartment, you’ll likely find stone counters with potentially stainless steel or other non-white appliances in the kitchen. You’re also more likely to have hardwood or tile flooring throughout the space rather than carpeting.


The biggest contributing factor to get the coveted title of luxury apartments is amenities. The ones offered in these high-end apartments aren’t likely to be found in lower-priced complexes. Such as a doorman, depending on where you’re looking to live. Some will have a 24-hour fitness center and sporting facilities, like a basketball or sand volleyball court.

Others may have movie theaters or rooftop decks. And in the even fancier options, you can find bowling alleys and beer tasting rooms. On-site parking and sometimes valet parking will be available as well as many other countless amenities.

You won’t, unfortunately, be able to find all the amenities mentioned in every luxury apartment. Therefore, you’ll need to decide what is your highest priorities to help narrow down your search.


Where the community is located is another big factor in whether or not it’s a luxury complex. To be a luxury apartment, even the location has to be in a premium spot. You’ll oftentimes find these communities in the best part of the city and will give the best view there is to offer. This will include being in a safer neighborhood with lower crime rates.

Pros and Cons

Pros of a luxury apartment

  1. High-end community amenities: By choosing a luxury apartment, you’ll get amenities you won’t find at other apartments. Like a doorman, a 24-hour fitness center, and many more.
  2. Great location: These apartments are often located in the best part of the city where there are low-crime crime rates.
  3. Parking: Many luxury apartments have some sort of parking available to residents, either covered or possibly even an attached garage.
  4. Security: Most of these communities offer security systems for each apartment to increase your safety. But they often include a security gate around the property as well making it more difficult for non-residents to enter the complex.

Cons of a luxury apartment

  1. More expensive: Because of all the amenities and nicer apartments, you should expect to pay more for living in a luxury apartment.
  2. Provided décor: While you can expect great and updated apartments, it can be hard to match your personal style with the décor of the apartment.
  3. Stricter lease terms: Living in a higher-end community, the lease terms may be more strict than what you’d find in a regular apartment rental.
  4. Higher Utility Bills: With the larger windows and higher ceilings, it can be more expensive to cool and heat your space, which in turn causes higher utility bills.

Luxury Apartments in Colorado

  1. The Avantus Apartments in Central Park, Denver
    1. Includes features like private balconies, concierge services, valet trash services, and on-site car wash and car detailing
  2. Arista Flats in Broomfield, CO
    1. Includes features like wood-style flooring, onsite compost, entertainment lounge, and upgraded high-efficiency lighting and occupant sensors

While we have only named a few luxury apartments in the Denver area, there are plenty of other options to choose from throughout the state. With a bit of work and research, you can find the perfect place for you to live. Let us know in the comments what you like most about luxury apartment living.

If you’re looking for a new place to live, or are interested in moving to the marvelous state of Colorado, find your next dream apartment here. And if you’re looking for more reasons you should move to Colorado, be sure to check out our post on the reasons you should move to this amazing place.

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