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11 Ways To Brighten Your Apartment

by Josephine Hogan

With winter in full force and seeming to drag on forever, we’re all ready for the warmer weather. One of the hardest parts about the middle of winter is how dark everything always seems to feel. And when your apartment doesn’t seem to be getting enough light either, it can be hard to deal with. However, there are some really easy ways to help brighten up your place without having to cost too much. Today, we’re going to be giving you some of our favorite ways to help brighten up your living spaces.

1) Clean the windows

Here a little bit of work will go a long way. They may not look grimy, but trust us, you’ll be surprised. Giving all of your windows a good wipe-down will really help allow more light into your space. And in turn, make it feel so much brighter.

2) Paint the walls white

If you are able to paint the walls in your apartment, consider going with white. Though it may seem a bit boring, it’s the perfect color. White is reflective and therefore can make your spaces feel like you’re getting more light.

3) Avoid the curtains

Curtains will partially block out light coming into the room, making it feel much darker than it really is. Instead, go with blinds. And if you must have curtains, try a light color, like white that will allow some of the outside light through.

4) Add some lighting

A quick way to brighten is to add a variety of different lights. Don’t rely solely on one overhead light. Get some end table lamps and a floor lamp or two. Stick a few LED light strips under kitchen cabinets.

5) Switch the bulbs

While you’re adding more lights around your house, you’ll also want to choose the right bulb. Go with LED which is more cost-effective. But be sure to pick the warm white option to give a cheery feel within your space.

6) Put down a bright rug

If you have dark flooring, a simple way to lighten it up is to add a rug or runner over the top. Pick something bright that will give a pop of color. This also works for small kitchens that need a little brightening.

7) Get a mirror or two

For those rooms that only have a small amount of outside light filtering in, consider adding a mirror across from the window. With the natural light reflecting off the mirror, it will feel like you’re getting more natural light throughout your space.

8) Find something shiny

Along with the reflective mirrors, another great thing to add is something shiny. Something like a shiny gold shelf or a shiny frame. Even a frame around the mirror can help add some light to your room.

9) Choose the right furniture

When you’re first picking furniture for your apartment, go with lighter pieces. The light color will help brighten the room. But also choose more minimalistic pieces of furniture that aren’t too bulky. Large dark furniture will make the room feel darker. And with a more neutral palette for the furniture means you can add bold colors with the accents.

10) Add a pop of contrast

With white walls, white curtains, and white furniture it can be a lot of bland. But now is the perfect time to pick out the perfect pops of color to put in the house. Add some bright throw pillows or even a few dark picture frames. This will highlight all the light colors throughout the house, while also adding some much-needed color.

11) Bring home a plant

There’s just something about adding a bit of nature into your space that will help liven up a room. And there are plenty of great options to choose from. Even in low light conditions, there are plants that will thrive. Be sure to do a bit of research before grabbing a new plant. Or if you know you’re not going to be able to keep it alive, check out some of the many fake options there are around.

There are many other amazing ways to make your space feel brighter, even though we haven’t listed them all. But be sure to head on down to the comments to let us know which are your favorite ways to add some more light to your apartment.

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