CU-Boulder Study: Renters Who Live in Apartments in Colorado and Garden are Healthier

apts colorado: tomatoesI found this great article and wanted to link to it as a follow up to my article on apartments in Colorado.

A recent report shows that folks who live in houses or apartments in Colorado,  and garden are healthier than people who don’t garden.

Some apartment dwellers grow veggies in their apartments, on the balcony, or on the roof. Others use community gardens.

Gardeners tend to eat more vegetables, get more exercise, weigh less and feel better than non-gardeners.
Gardeners eat an average of 5.7 servings of fruits and vegetables daily, compared with 3.9 servings for non-gardeners according to the folks at .

“We eat out barely at all,” Stephanie Dillingham said. “When you grow your own food, you cook your own food and tend to eat healthier.”

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